Get Fit Louisiana


It’s time to “Get Fit Louisiana”

At Louisiana Cardiovascular & Thoracic Institute, we realize the importance of a healthy community, and that your health is much more than just another politically driven agenda. LA CVT is committed to turning the focus back to patient care and positive, inpidual lifestyle choices that will change each life for the better!

Obesity rates for both adults and children throughout our nation are staggering and are inducing life threatening diseases because of poor lifestyle choices. Heart, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes can be tremendously decreased if each inpidual would choose to join forces with LA CVT as we “Get Fit Louisiana” by making the right lifestyle choices.

LA CVT encourages you to embrace these five simple lifestyle choices and change your life today for the better! Working together as a community we will heal Louisiana, one heartbeat at a time.

Our 5 Step Plan

1. Daily fruits and vegetable intake
LA CVT encourages a plant based diet. Currently only 10% of Americans follow such a diet. Juice Plus, a whole food supplement, which helps bridge the gap between what we actually eat and what we should eat each day. And when taken daily, clinically proven to improve cardiovascular health, immune system and DNA.

2. Daily water intake
Increase water intake, 8, 8oz. servings of water daily, instead of soda & juices.

3. Daily moderate exercise
Increase exercise - 10,000 daily step challenge, tracking with an inexpensive pedometer.

4. Daily reduction of stress
30 minutes daily: Meditation, Yoga, Prayer and Unplug from the world.

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Healthy Information

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Tobacco Free Youth

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Louisiana Council on Obesity

Louisiana Council on Obesity

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Fruits & Veggies More Matters

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Eat Right Louisiana

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Lousiana Statistics

66% American adults overweight

33% American youth overweight

Increased risks: cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, cancer, arthritis and diabetes

Inflating healthcare cost

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we as healthcare providers must focus on a prevention not a political stance

Tobacco Treatment Clinic

With Our Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist

We are able to provide treatment plans, behavior modification exercises, nicotine replacement therapy and medications to aid in quitting smoking and chew tobacco.

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